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Citing 'Troubled History,' Savage Restaurant Changes Name to Shift

Cheryl Baehr Jun 22, 2020 6:05 AM
Savage Restaurant is now shift, thanks to a rethinking of the troubled name by chef Logan Ely and his team.

Reflecting on its troublesome connotation, chef and owner Logan Ely has changed the name of Savage Restaurant. The Fox Park eatery is now called Shift (2655 Ann Avenue, 314-354-8488).

Ely announced the name change Sunday on both the restaurant's website and Facebook page, explaining the moniker's troublesome history and his haste in choosing it.

"The team and our intentions center around relentless learning and growth inside and outside the restaurant," Ely explains. "But sometimes intentions are not enough."

Opened in 2018, Shift has become one of the city's most thrilling restaurants thanks to Ely's innovative cooking and his team's ability to create a dining experience that feels both modern and warm. Critically acclaimed from the outset, Shift was named one of Bon Appetit's nominees for its best new restaurant of 2019.

Shift remains closed for dine-in service but is offering a curbside dinner for two Wednesday through Saturday. Additionally, Ely and his team remain hard at work with their forthcoming concept, the Lucky Accomplice, which will open in Fox Park in the near future.

Read below for Ely's entire statement on renaming the restaurant.

This team and our intentions center around relentless learning and growth inside and outside of the restaurant, but sometimes intentions are not enough. Systemic racism is ubiquitous, outrageous and we stand against it.

Savage is a word with a troubled history and it was a mistake to celebrate that in our naming. We are truly sorry for the ignorance and haste of choosing it, and any harm or discomfort it may have caused any of our guests and community.  

We will continue to learn, grow and shift towards a better future. We honor, respect and appreciate the questions being asked and work that needs to be done to create safety and equality for BIPOC.

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