Butt Heads (Overland)

Mike Schneider, Mayor1 Y NS        
(Council 1) Phil Paul U NS        
(1) Jerry May2 Y NS        
(2) Jeff O'Connell BUTT HEAD
(2) Mary Beth Conlon YS S n/c n/c n/c n/c
(3) Peggy Keller3 N S 1 Salem 30 1
(3) Kenneth Owensby BUTT HEAD
(4) Tim Jones4 N NS        
(4) Les Dills5 Y Q >2 Lucky Strike, Pall Mall 20 >1
1I lost my father at an early age due to lung cancer. So it's a little bit personal with me. I'm not sure Overland will support it. I think ultimately the people have to decide.
2One of our former councilpersons was quite a heavy smoker, and now she's on oxygen. In general I'm in favor of it, but it is a tough issue.
3I quit when I was pregnant with my children. I started back up again because I enjoy them.
4I would love to see it, personally. But we still live in America, where everybody came here because of the personal freedoms.
5It really bothers me now to go anywhere that there's smoke.
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Peggy Keller, Overland councilwoman, District 3 I once had a very heavyset woman come up to me and tell me, "You know that smoking is bad for your health." And I told her, "Carrying over 100 extra pounds is bad for your health!" She walked off in a huff. People know that Peggy is going to tell them like it is. And Peggy will stand up for what she believes.
Tim Jones, Overland councilman, District 4 My father-in-law died of lung cancer, and he was a heavy smoker. He died at home with hospice. I have two children, and it was a struggle: Did I want them to see Grandpa before he died or let them remember how he was? I chose not to let them see that. It could have been a lasting impression for the effects of smoking, or a devastating scar of who Grandpa was. He died a horrible death, couldn't even raise his arms when he died. My kids didn't need to see that. They just need education.