Butt Heads (StL County)

Charlie Dooley, County Executive YS Q n/c n/c n/c n/c
Garry Earls (Dooley - Chief Operating Officer) YS NS        
Mike Jones (Dooley - Senior Policy Advisor)1 n/c NS        
Darin Cline (Dooley - Dir., Intergovernmental Affairs) YS NS        
Mac Scott (Dooley - Communications)2 YS Q "A lot" "I don't remember" n/c 1
(Council 1) Hazel Erby BUTT HEAD
(2) Kathleen Kelly Burkett BUTT HEAD
(3) Colleen Wasinger BUTT HEAD
(4) Michael O'Mara BUTT HEAD
(5) Barbara Fraser3 Y NS        
(6) Steve Stenger BUTT HEAD
(7) Greg Quinn BUTT HEAD
Robert McCulloch, Prosecutor BUTT HEAD
Joan Gilmer, Circuit Clerk U NS        
1I could never figure out how to inhale — it was too much damn work! But I did think it looked cool with a drink and in the movies after sex. I never went there, though.
2I had visions of my grandfather dying of emphysema. And I reached a point where I realized I wasn't going to live forever.
3I went to Ireland last year, which has a ban, and was quite frankly flabbergasted. It did not seem to have a negative effect at all in a place where smoking is so much a part of the culture. The restaurants and bars were full of people.
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n/c: No comment
Darin Cline, St. Louis County director of intergovernmental affairs When my father got married to my stepmother, they had to cut a deal. She had to stop smoking and I think he had to sleep on flowered sheets. That was the Seventies. I've never seen my stepmother smoke since. I tried it once, but people said I didn't look cool.
Mike Jones, St. Louis County senior policy aide There was a time when smokers smoked in front of people who didn't. And now people who smoke excuse themselves to go smoke someplace else. So as a nonsmoker, I don't see myself put upon by smokers. There's a whole lot of other behaviors that don't make a lot of sense to me. Like this notion of having a constitutional right to shoot a deer with an AK-47 is insane. I think that all the Kool-Aid drinkers on the Second Amendment are way more dangerous to civilized society than the Marlboro Man. I'd outlaw assault weapons and automatic pistols before I outlawed cigarettes.