Butt Heads (Wildwood) 

Tim Woerther, Mayor BUTT HEAD
(Council 1) Patricia Thibeault BUTT HEAD
(1) Bart Cohn1 US NS        
(2) Ed Marshall BUTT HEAD
(2) Holly Parks BUTT HEAD
(3) Jim Baugus BUTT HEAD
(3) Tammy Shea BUTT HEAD
(4) Jean Vedvig Y Q >1 Marlboro >10 1
(4) Rick Wise2 Y NS        
(5) Mark Schaefer N NS        
(5) Nick Roppolo U Q 1 Camel Lights 6 1
(6) Ron James3 N S 1 GPC 53  
(6) David Sewell BUTT HEAD
(7) Bruce Colella Y Q 2 Winston >15 1
(7) Robert Porter4 N NS        
(8) Holly Ferris U NS        
(8) Michele Bauer BUTT HEAD
1I have lived in a non-smoking state, Oregon, and it seemed to work well there, and smokers were accommodated — they seemed to still frequent bars.
2I would rather see it county- or state-wide. But I don't ever see Missouri doing it if we're dumb enough to repeal helmets for motorcycles.
3I'm thinking about quitting. I don't have any health problems; I just think I might have better wind.
4I think we should let the market dictate these kinds of issues.
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n/c: No comment
Jean Vedvig, Wildwood councilwoman, District 4 I was an elected official in Overland, and a friend of mine and the mayor's died from cancer. So the mayor wanted to ban smoking for all employees — kaboom, right that day! This was 1989. I said, "You can't pass an ordinance about smoking. If you try, I can ban mayors that weigh over 200 pounds." And unbeknownst to us, a reporter from the Post-Dispatch was standing behind us and wrote a big story about it. It was really quite cute.... So what I did instead, I offered a cessation class for all city employees and their spouses. And so many people took advantage of the class, including me. What was interesting to me was that the guy in the office next to me was like, "I just love it that you quit smoking!" And I'm like, "You never said a word to me." And he goes, "Well, I didn't want to offend you."
Nick Roppolo, Wildwood councilman, District 5 I lived in Clayton with my fianc�e. She was and still is a nonsmoker, and I promised her I would quit. I promised her on, like, a Wednesday that I wouldn't smoke until Monday. We had to travel to Texas by car that weekend, so I decided if I could make it for that drive — and throughout the visit with relatives that smoked — then by the time I got back on Monday and fulfilled my promise I might as well just stick with it. That's what I did. I'm still married.

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