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Week of April 13, 2006

Adam & Steve

Adam & Steve. (Not Rated) Though flawed in the way of so many romantic comedies (i.e., much weaker with the romance than with the comedy), writer-director Craig Chester's debut is a truly enjoyable movie. Light-hearted, sweet, and authentically funny, it falters only in the rare moments when it takes itself too seriously. The film opens in the late '80s, when protagonist Adam (played by Chester) is a shy, self-loathing Goth whose best friend is a fat-suited Parker Posey. Flash forward 17 years, and both are still single and still self-sabotaging. Then Adam meets Steve (Malcolm Gets) and begins a monogamous relationship with all the usual trappings: musical montage, overwritten flirtation, and life-long neuroses miraculously resolved. But Adam & Steve is so generous of spirit that you can't help but enjoy it. Chester has found a tone that's both knowing and sweet, ironic and heart-felt; he places his characters in cringingly compromising positions, but never condescends to them. The result is a maturity that transcends the movie's silly notions of romance. (Melissa Levine) TV

Scary Movie 4. (PG-13) The scariest thing about Scary Movie 4 is that, well, there's a fourth Scary Movie. Expect skewering of The Village, The Grudge and Saw. Expect gross-out humor. As the star of a far more worthy cinematic endeavor said, "Either you want to see that, or you don't." (NR) ARN, CGX, CC12, DP, EG, EQ, J14, KEN, MR, OF, RON, SP, STCH, STCL, WO

The Wild. (G) A young lion is inadvertantly shipped to Africa, and his NYC animal buddies must find him. Like Finding Nemo meets Madagascar meets Disney's desire to make a quick buck. Aw, heck, the kids'll probably dig it. (NR) ARN, CGX, CW10, CC12, DP, EG, EQ, J14, KEN, OF, RON, SP, STCH, STCL, WO

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