Film Openings

Bad Education Pedro Almodóvar. (NC-17) Opens Friday, February 11, at the Tivoli. Reviewed in this issue.

Hitch Andy Tennant. (PG-13) Opens Friday, February 11, at multiple locations. Reviewed in this issue.

The Merchant of Venice Michael Radford. (R) Opens Friday, February 11, at the Hi-Pointe. Reviewed in this issue.

Pooh's Heffalump Movie Frank Nissen. (G) This latest adventure proves to be a suitably sweet addition to Pooh's cinematic canon. Young viewers won't recognize the story's message -- accept others for who they are -- but they will easily relate to the characters, especially little-kid kangaroo Roo, who ends up the hero. Mistakenly believing that Heffalumps are about to invade their territory, Pooh and his friends set out to capture one of the creatures, whom nobody has ever seen but everybody assumes will be scary-looking and -acting. Too young to accompany his friends, Roo sneaks out on his own -- and befriends a baby Heffalump named Lumpy. Now Roo must show his friends that their preconceptions and prejudices about Heffalumps are unfounded. Featuring the voices of Brenda Blethyn, Jim Cummings, Nikita Hopkins and Kyle Stanger, and music by Carly Simon. Opens Friday, February 11, at multiple locations. (Jean Oppenheimer)

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