Film Openings

Week of May 2004

May 26, 2004 at 4:00 am
The Day After Tomorrow Roland Emmerich. (PG-13) The director of Independence Day brings us another big-budget special-effects fest. The Day After Tomorrow stars Dennis Quaid, Jake Gyllenhaal and a couple of baddies known as global warming and the greenhouse effect. Opens Friday, May 28, at multiple locations. NR

Raising Helen Garry Marshall. (PG-13) Opens Friday, May 28, at multiple locations. Reviewed in this issue.

The Saddest Music in the World Guy Maddin. (unrated) Opens Friday, May 28, at the Tivoli. Reviewed in this issue.

A Slipping-Down Life Toni Kalem. (R) Evie (Lili Taylor) is a slightly dysfunctional woman still living with her father. When she hears a local musician give a radio interview in weird non-sequitur fashion, she finds herself emotionally moved and goes to a rock show to seek him out. The man in question is Drumstrings Casey (Guy Pearce), a sort of ersatz Jim Morrison type with a penchant for suddenly stopping his songs (written for the movie by the likes of Robyn Hitchcock and Ron Sexsmith) and "talking out," which is to say uttering pretentious spoken-word nonsense that might seem profound to someone who's never heard poetry before. Evie decides to get Drumstrings' attention by carving his last name into her forehead with broken glass. It works, and soon, without much warning, Drumstrings proposes marriage to Evie. In the original book by Anne Tyler, the characters' impulsiveness, immaturity and naiveté could be explained by their being teenagers and the story being set in 1969. As contemporary thirtysomethings acting that way, however, Taylor and Pearce just aren't believable. Opens Friday, May 28, at the Tivoli. (Luke Y. Thompson)

Soul Plane Jessy Terrero. (R) Okay: Despite persistent rumors, this is not a remake of the 1980 spoof Airplane; it's a comedy about a new airline designed to appeal to African-American passengers. Total bummer: Tom Arnold's in it. Total plus: Snoop Dogg plays the pilot! Opens Friday, May 28, at multiple locations. NR