Film Openings

Week of April 24, 2002

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The Cat's Meow. Peter Bogdanovich. Opens April 26 at the Plaza Frontenac. Reviewed this issue.

Jason X. Jim Isaac. In the nine years since the last installment (Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday -- as if!), producer Sean S. Cunningham (director of the first one) has teamed up with his crackerjack development team at Crystal Lake Entertainment to rethink the whole dipstick mythology he created with screenwriter Victor Miller more than two decades ago. The result is director Isaac's happily self-aware body-count flick, as brutally funny as it is plain old brutal. A broad slash of scary sci-fi fun, Todd Farmer's screenplay takes strong, silent Jason (Kane Hodder) into space to the year 2455 to knock off a lecherous professor (Jonathan Potts) and a bunch of horny students. Standing up to him are a spunky lab tech (Lexa Doig) and a sly android (Lisa Ryder -- in a word: rowrr). With tongue firmly gouged through cheek, Isaac uses everything at his disposal to deliver comic-book kicks. Jason is revived and does his stalking and slaughtering thing, and then, thanks to an incredibly silly coincidence, he is destroyed and rebuilt as -- wait for it -- über Jason. It's simply the best B-movie since Virus. Opens April 26 at multiple locations. (GW)

Life or Something Like It. Stephen Herek. Opens April 26 at multiple locations. Reviewed this issue.

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