2009 RFT Music Awards Nominees: The List With Music!

Jun 3, 2009 at 2:00 pm

A bit late, but below the jump you'll find links to as many blogposts we've run with MP3s -- and the occasional MySpace page and embedded tune -- of each nominated band. Whew. Chime in with any URLs that have tunes in the comments, of course. I think I have everyone. The music showcase blurbs/information is out today in the paper. All 10,000 words of it.

Lifetime Achievement Bunnygrunt Trip Daddys Murder City Players Bottle Rockets Kim Massie

Best Americana/Folk Leadville MP3: "Wheels"

Theodore Rough Shop Tenement Ruth The Linemen

Best Untraditional Americana/Folk The Monads Pokey LaFarge Dock Ellis Band Wooden Kites Rats & People Motion Picture Orchestra

Best Blues: Big George Brock Uvee Hayes Tom Hall Rum Drum Ramblers Alvin Jett & the PhaT NoiZ Blues Band

Best DJ Rob Lemon Scotty Mac Flex Boogie DJ Thumpasaurus JNX

Best Experimental/Eclectic .e MP3: "Noah's Arc"

Raglani Eric Hall The Lonely Procession Bikini Acid Best Funk/Soul/R&B Teresajenee Funky Butt Brass Band MP3: "Big Sam's Blues"

Lamar Harris Dogtown Allstars Gumbohead Best Hip-Hop/Rap Artist (Solo) Rockwell Knuckles Vandalyzm Tef Poe Nato Caliph MP3: "Prophecy"

Black Spade

Best Hip-Hop/Rap Artist (Duo or Group) Earthworms Scripts 'N Screwz Family Affair Jason and the Beast Splitface and June 16th

Best Hip-Hop DJ DJ Trackstar DJ Needles DJ Crucial DJ Mahf The Beat Street Crew

Best Indie Band So Many Dynamos Target Market The Radical Sons The Sham Troubadour Dali Say Panther

Best Jazz Artist Dave Stone Erin Bode Hamiet Bluiett Willie Akins Jeanne Trevor

Best Metal/Thrash Band Dude Nukem Sine Nomine MCF Head On Collision Cross Examination

Best New Band: The Pragmatic Midtown Thieves The Mhurs Exercise MP3: "Tail Feathers"

The Northwoods Glass Teeth Best Punk/Hardcore Left Arm Humanoids Sack Lunch Suburban Smash God Fodder Black For a Second Best Pop Band One Lone Car The 75s MP3: "This Is Goodbye"

Gentleman Auction House Grace Basement The Blind Eyes Jon Hardy & the Public

Best Rock Band: LOGOS Gold Tooth Shame Club LucaBrasi The Feed The Incurables

Best Singer-Songwriter (Female): Celia Beth Bombara Cassie Morgan Leslie Sanazaro

Best Singer-Songwriter (Male): Fred Friction Caleb Travers Bob Reuter Jon Hardy

Best Album (self-released) The Educated Guess, West Skyline Drive Fred Friction, Jesus Drank Wine Tight Pants Syndrome, Singles Theodore, Defeated, TN Kentucky Knife Fight, The Wolf Crept, The Children Slept The Helium Tapes, The Helium Tapes Best Album (on a label): Prisonshake, Dirty Moons (Scat) Magnolia Summer, Lines from the Frame (Undertow) Raglani, Of Sirens Born (Kranky) Gentleman Auction House, Alphabet Graveyard (Emergency Umbrella) Head On Colllision, Ritual Sacrifice (Beer City) Rum Drum Ramblers, Hey Lordy Mama Mama Get Up And Go (Big Muddy)