2012's Best Hip-Hop Artist Nite Owl Signs Deal with Monarchy Records

2012's Best Hip-Hop Artist Nite Owl Signs Deal with Monarchy Records
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St. Louis based hip-hop artist Nite Owl, whom we named Best Solo Hip-Hop artist in our music awards last year, has recently signed a deal with Monarchy Records, a division of the Spectra Music Group. The deal places the rapper on a roster that includes Fredro Starr of Onyx and soul singers Tony Terry and Glenn Jones.

RFT Music talked to Nite Owl about his plans for upcoming releases as well as his excitement in regards to the new deal. "Excited is an understatement!" he says. "I damn near peed in my pants when the CEO of the company called me at work, in the middle of the day, and said he wanted to sign me by the end of the week."

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Nite Owl: It was a Tuesday afternoon, so that meant soon. I'm hella excited and appreciative, yet not really all that shocked a record label liked my music. I'm looking forward to being Monarchy's Poster Boy.

Daniel Hill: How did the deal come about?

The deal came about by me looking them up online after an old acquaintance from back in the day gave me a lead on a manager in Atlanta, who had a connection with getting artists signed to this label. That manager never returned any of my calls, so I cut the middle man out and sent the package directly to the label myself. They got it, opened it, listened to it, loved it -- and the rest is history. I was signed two weeks later, just like I always envisioned it.

What advice do you have for up-and-comers in St. Louis?

If you believe you're good enough to be in the biz and compete on stage and the studio with the best of them do this: Stay dedicated to your dream, practice every day performing one of your songs without the vocals on the track. Work hard in the streets and the internet. Hustle CDs after performing at gigs. Build your brand: Breathe, eat, sleep, overdose and indulge in your craft or talent. You will ultimately reach your goal or at the least have some mild success. I'm not gonna say "never give up" 'cause I gave up kinda right before I got signed. Know what you want and go get it -- even if you just turned 38.

What do you have on the horizon as far as upcoming releases? When can we expect new stuff?

Before Monarchy came along I was in the studio recording an album called The Nite & Nate Project. It's a really dope, innovative real-life hip-hop album. Nate Hershey is the main studio recording and mixing engineer at Phat Buddha as well as the keyboard player for the Dogtown Allstars. My plan was to drop that project in April -- that album is now on hold till further notice. However, I did recently put out an "All Wu-Tang Clan Beats" mixtape CD with my Collabo Queens crew prior to the full album we just pumped out six months ago, which is available at Vintage Vinyl along with the rest of my latest albums. Nite Owl fans can expect a newly packaged album this summer world-wide under Monarchy Records.

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