'90s Cover Band the VCRs on the Found Footage Festival, Coming to St. Louis

Nov 5, 2013 at 10:20 am
The Found Footage Festival teaches us about so many topics. - Facebook
The Found Footage Festival teaches us about so many topics.

Think the videocassette is dead? Think again.

On Wednesday, November 6, the Found Footage Festival makes its way to the Mad Art Gallery (2727 S. 12th Street). Hosts Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher have scavenged the country's thrift shops and garage sales for the best -- and worst -- of VHS culture, and they excitedly share their finds with the masses year after year. Bizarre celebrity exercise fads, training montages, dating videos and "stranger danger" prevention tips all are screened "Mystery Science Theatre 3000" style, giving audiences a hilarious multi-sensory blast from the past.

Sounds like something tailor-made for the VCRs, right? The local '90s cover band (our "Best of St. Louis" winner in the cover band category) is widely known for bringing tube televisions and dozens of VHS tapes to shows, encouraging fans to swap out Showgirls and Jurassic Parktapes while listening to the group's rendition of "Smells Like Teen Spirit."

"You know, someone actually told me that one of our shows synced up perfectly with the scene in Rocky III or Rocky IV where he's in the Corvette, screaming down the road in one of those montages," says Alex Kahn, vocalist for the VCRs. "That's awesome! That's the kind of stuff that you envision happening."

When RFT Music told Kahn and bassist Greg Stinson about the Found Footage Festival, they were intrigued by the promise of VHS hilarity. So we showed them a few choice videos on the FFF website and documented the reactions of these pop culture experts:

Learn The Dances Of The 80s

Found Footage Festival description: "America's most popular dance instructor" Christy Lane teaches you how to do the Robo Cop, the Running Man, the Roger Rabbit, the Pac Man, and other completely irrelevant dances from the 1980s.

Kahn says: I've always tried to dance like that, and I don't know how you do it. I need this tape to learn, I guess. The Running Man dance is called the Vanilla Ice, isn't it? Or the M.C. Hammer? I think this is a workout videotape.

Stinson says: I'm thinking you could burn 100 calories every ten hours with those moves, maybe? Man, if Robocop knew this was happening, everyone in this video would be under arrest or dead. Christy Lane kind of looks like Jane Lynch (from Glee), but with a miniskirt on. My girlfriend dances like this pretty much every day. If I show her this video, I'll be dealing with that a lot more often. But yeah, I'm definitely a fan. That was crazy.

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