All Together Now: Assknocker!

Bob Schneider's in town and Unreal's got our dancing shoes on.

But Bob, why the VooDoo Lounge? Blueberry Hill was far more convenient. After the show we could stagger back to the office and sleep it off in the Unreal cubicle. Now we have to drive way the hell out to a casino -- in St. Charles.

Truth is, Unreal has never before darkened the door of Harrah's. Not that we have anything against gambling. We simply prefer to do ours at Fairmount Park. Slot machines make us dizzy.

And we're not ashamed to admit that. Nor are we ashamed to let it be known that we're more than a little bit intimidated by the drinks the VooDoo Lounge apparently serves, which come in fishbowls and look like they're radioactive:


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