An Under Cover Weekend: The '60s, Friday, September 5 at the Bluebird

Sep 4, 2008 at 4:33 pm

The 2008 version of An Under Cover Weekend at the Bluebird is double the fun of last year's inaugural edition: The event is now spread out over four nights (in other words, two weekends). And although the premise of the extravaganza is still the same — your favorite local musicians paying tribute to bands of yesteryear by doing all-covers sets — each night will focus on the music of a specific decade. Here's a comparison of the swinging '60s participants; judge for yourself how well they'll do. The show starts at 8 p.m. Friday, September 5, and Saturday, September 6. Tickets are $13 under-21, $10 over 21 and both shows are 18+.

The Feed In reality: A power trio whose increasingly impressive live show — and AM Gold-caliber piano-and-saxophone assault — makes listeners forget that it lacks a guitarist. Artist covering: Jimi Hendrix Why this will work: As last year's Clash covers set demonstrated, the Feed has no problem conquering the catalog of guitar heroes. Hendrix's riffs will be quite the challenge, but the band is certainly not afraid to tackle musical luminaries (see also its live Beatles and XTC covers). MP3: The Feed, "Stella"

Jimi Hendrix, "Voodoo Chile":

The Hibernauts In reality: A dreampop indie quartet indebted to Sloan, Flaming Lips and the Walkmen. Artist covering: The Four Tops Why this will work: Word on the street is that the band has hired a backing band to play Four Tops' tunes — leaving them free to perform choreographed dances in the style of the Motown heroes. 'Nuff said.

MP3: The Hibernauts, "Scissors"

Four Tops, "Baby, I Need Your Lovin'":

Murder City Players In reality: The city's finest — and longest-running — reggae band; it turns 25 years old this year. Artist covering: The Wailers Why this will work: Since Murder City plays an annual fest in celebration of Bob Marley's birthday, it's already well-versed (and rehearsed) in his catalog.

Bob Marley and the Wailers, "Could You Be Loved":

Wormwood Scrubs In reality: A bass-less, piano-heavy trio which takes its cues from burnished '70s classic rockers and pastoral English folkies. Artist covering: The Guess Who Why this will work: The 'Scrubs excels at crafting deep psychedelic grooves and funk-flecked rock riffs — in other words, just what you need to capture the Guess Who's sound.

Wormwood Scrubs, live:

The Guess Who, "These Eyes":

Chapters In reality: A dark, gothy band with a penchant for dramatic lyrics and She Wants Revenge-style synthpop. Artist covering: Neil Diamond Why this will work: It takes a certain amount of theatrical flair — read: boatloads — to tackle The Big D's catalog and mannerisms. Luckily, Chapters vocalist Vincent Marks has it in spades.

MP3: Chapters, "Climax and Exoneration"

Neil Diamond, "Sweet Caroline":