Anodes Makes Its Debut with a Tour to SXSW

Mar 14, 2012 at 6:14 am
Anodes Makes Its Debut with a Tour to SXSW
A.J. Hofstetter

Since late 2011, the members of Anodes haved pulled their time and energy, and this week the group will lay their efforts bare for all to see. Anodes identifies itself as both post-hardcore and emo, two genres that often share similar musical cues and ethics. The group made its debut in St. Louis at CBGB's on Monday, March 12 and is now spending a week of touring that lands it in Austin, Texas during SXSW.

Anodes pulls from the rosters of Orion Pax and Iron Hills, two groups that played a vital role in the St. Louis post-hardcore scene throughout 2011. Orion Pax was a trio that spit a thunderous sound, with a thick wall of guitars rolling above booming albeit jazzy drumming. Vocalist and guitarist A.J. Hofstetter led Orion Pax with blistering energy, using his bleeding-throat screaming and vicious style of guitar scraping to leave a messy fingerprint on the brains of many show-goers.

Anodes shows off two t-shirt designs, both of which will be available this week. - A.J. Hofstetter
A.J. Hofstetter
Anodes shows off two t-shirt designs, both of which will be available this week.

Hofstetter reprises his role in Anodes, a band that combines the maddening pace of Orion Pax songs with the driving rhythm and familiar melody of early emo music. Drummer Casey Oliver, also a former member of Orion Pax, lends a level of precision and intricacy to Anodes with pinpoint percussion. Guitarist Sean Survant hails from the sludge group Iron Hills and makes good use of his dense guitar style in Anodes.

Ethics played a key role in the group's formation. Prior to planning their first performance, Anodes recorded a debut EP, which was released on cassette tape. The recording itself was mixed down to tape, with all analog processing via Static Circuit Studio. Their debut performance on March 12 was in support of Iowa City noise-rockers Supersonic Piss and the Chicago based Heavy Times. Anodes pays careful attention to supporting like-minded artists as opposed to bearing a focus on ticket sales.

Throughout 2011 both Orion Pax and Iron Hills were relentless in their support of regional touring acts. This SXSW venture sees Anodes reaping the benefits of their hard work, as past efforts help to elevate the group with support from like-minded musicians in neighboring cities. Anodes will have hand-screened t-shirts and their debut EP on cassette tape available all week.

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Anodes March 2012 Tour Schedule: 3/12 St. Louis @ CBGB 3/13 Springfield, IL @ The Blacksheep 3/14 Kansas City, MO @ The Gravyard 3/15 Oklahoma City, OK @ Bad Granny's 3/16 Austin, TX @ Bunche House 3/17 Austin, TX @ Slamalot