Attention, St. Louis. I'm bored. In a rut. Have spring fever. You can help.

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St. Louis, I have a confession to make: Lately I've felt restless. Bored. In a rut. Perhaps this is spring fever talking -- although the heat I have to blast at home to stay warm begs to differ. (It's almost May. Why am I still wearing sweaters?) Either way, the whys and wherefores of my moods are beside the point.

aBut I am looking for the shock of the new, as it were. (Click on the link; it's an obscure new-wave song by Trees I love; I'll post the MP3 of it below.) What bands should I go to see? What places should I go to find new musical gems of all stripes? Are there any music stores, news nuggets or general community goings-on that I'm missing?

I'm being totally serious. I feel like I'm wearing a well-worn tread to the same places and seeing the same people. Give me some new places, people and sounds to experience. I'm all ears. Post in the comments what I should be seeing and doing, and where I should be going.

-- Annie Zaleski

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