Band-Libs: The Greatest Party Game of the 2013 Music Showcase!

Band-Libs: The Greatest Party Game of the 2013 Music Showcase!

Every year the RFT Music Showcase offers St. Louis music fans the opportunity to catch dozens of our city's finest local acts in a single daylong marathon of sights and sounds. It is a celebration of the wealth of talent hidden away within the red-brick buildings that line the streets, encouraging cooperation and community between artists reaching out to an eager audience.

This year's event was no different. More than 50 bands converged on Washington Avenue last Saturday, June 1, and performed on ten stages from 3 p.m. to 3 a.m. The wide variety of simultaneous music makes for a "choose your own adventure" situation wherein attendees plot their own paths, and no two experiences are exactly alike.

In keeping, this year we present to you the first-ever RFT Music Showcase Mad-Lib! Print it out here. Fill out the form with the parts of speech that best describe your day on Washington Avenue this year. Then fill in the blanks on the next page. Then, mail it in to us — we will be posting our favorites at

Download Band Libs PDF Here!

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