Beat Happenings

Week of September 7, 2005

Sep 7, 2005 at 4:00 am
Home-grown goods: St. Louis soil has bred a national talent who's neither a Saint nor a Lunatic. Rather, Chloe Day is a trip-folk hybrid of Portishead's Beth Gibbons and ex-Sneaker Pimps vocalist Kelli Dayton, with a bit of Beth Orton thrown in for good measure. Although it's difficult for our town to let go of its own -- how many fathers in town still proclaim that Sheryl Crow is from St. Louis? -- we should be thankful that Chloe's travels took her from the Lou to Tijuana, where she picked up her first guitar off the roadside. Without that sojourn, she wouldn't be rising at the Phoenix (3924 Lemay Ferry Rd; 314-416-4266) on September 8 at 10 p.m. Go on and support the fruits of our roots -- we promise she'll make your Day.

And now for something completely different: What sort of instruments do you like in your music? Guitars? Sitars? What about harps, horns and golf claps? Name your favorite instrument and A Fir-Ju Well has probably implemented it. And although you never know where they're going next musically, we've got their coordinates down like a GPS: On the afternoon of Saturday, September 10, catch the in-store performance at Vintage Vinyl (6610 Delmar Boulevard, University City; 314-721-4096); that night, see a full set at Radio Cherokee (3227 Cherokee Street; doors open at 9 p.m.). At the latter show, A Fir-Ju Well will be appropriately flanked by St. Louis weirdoes Sex Robots and the Floating City.

Business casual: Ahh, central Clayton. The perfect place to have a power lunch, to open a bank account totally rock out? That's right, the twelfth annual St. Louis Art Fair is a-comin' Friday through Sunday (September 9 through 11), and a bevy of musical performances will loudly complement the aesthetics. With five stages featuring everything from Ollabelle to the Pipin' Hot Biscuits of Blues to Bach to the Future (ha!), even the most visual of fairgoers is bound to fall into some sort of aural trance. For info on the art, bands and locale, visit The only thing you'll be suiting is your fancy.