Beautiful Mistake

Sunday, December 5; Hi-Pointe

Dec 1, 2004 at 4:00 am
Many modern gloom merchants evoke sorrow indelicately, with primal screams and suicide-note desperation. They choke on every tortured utterance, as if a stream of tears had run directly into their throats and down the wrong pipes. Beautiful Mistake, a refreshingly anti-earnest emo act, creates melancholy melodies without sob-strangled, self-pitying pyrotechnics. Robust riff reinforcements bolster the intense-yet-vulnerable vocals, leading to heavy segments that redefine the term "precious metal." This year's deceptively inviting This Is Who You Are lures listeners with hooks that beckon like curled fingers, then whispers bitter tirades into their ears. Singer Josh Hagquist wails but never whines; as a result, his lyrics communicate universal emotions instead of bemoaning insular anguish.