Beck Defies Sheet Music: The Six Most Insane Excerpts from the Odelay Sheet Music

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1. Coda from "Where It's At"

At this point in "Where It's At," after the final chorus of two turntables and a microphone, the editors of this book surrender to Beck's weirdness: "ad lib vocals, keyboards, organ, sound effects, and distorted harmonica till fade." This exposes a limitation of sheet music - the sounds of Odelay can't be penned down or recreated easily. The closest message to the reader trying to follow along is basically "do whatever, it doesn't matter, it's all going to fade out anyway." At the same time, the recording of "Where It's At" is confined by inflexibility. Play it 100 times, it will still be the same distorted harmonica fade every time. This is a restriction not placed on the Song Reader tunes, which are freed for interpretation and all the ad lib organs you can find. But, perusing through the crowdsourced videos from Song Reader and listening to "Where It's At," it's clear that some things are not better on paper.

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