Best Electronica Band


Pity people who aren't blessed with eclectic tastes. Does a person who listens exclusively to heavy metal crank it up on a hungover Sunday morning? When enmeshed in the art of seduction? When getting dressed up so fresh, so clean? Think of how different life would be for our metalhead if he or she were to consider accompanying any of the aforementioned while listening to Glow. The skittering electronic beats -- somewhere between '80s retro-cold and industrial menacing -- mesh with the gorgeous vocals of Brooke Edwards, an electro-diva of the highest order. The result: elegant sadness, stately joy. While '80s retro roils its way across the nation, Glow remains in a class by itself, especially our electronica-deprived town. Diversify your tastes and pick up some Glow. The person you're trying to seduce to Mastodon will thank you. Best Band to Die in the Past 12 Months Our love of Sullen had much to do with our infatuation with Shanna Kiel, hands-down the sexiest thing in St. Louis rock. But not as much as we thought. Sure, we're glad to hear Shanna is back with a new band (Sibylline), but it just doesn't feel the same without Sullen. We miss the Nirvana/Hole collaboration that percolated between Kiel and Justin Slazinik, the blinding, pounding rock they could pour out seemingly at will. In 1999 this very newspaper quoted a nameless fan as saying that Sullen was the "hope for the future of St. Louis rock." How sad to see it become the past so quickly.
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