Best Garage Band

The Electric

It's hard to define what the best "garage band" should be. A lot of what qualifies as rock & roll began in the garage. Same with punk rock, with its three-chord simplicity and brash attitude. That's why St. Louis' best garage band could also be its best rock band, or its best punk band. The Electric embodies rock & roll, from the swagger of its undeniably sexy beat to the distortion in its crunchy guitars. Elvis Presley surely had no problem getting laid; the Electric's lead singer, Jason Wallace Triefenbach, sings like Elvis if Elvis couldn't get any. It's the perfect voice for garage rock, all sweaty adolescent repression and aggression. Guitarist Matty Electric, though built like a teddy bear, windmills his guitar like Townshend and glams it up like Mick Ronson. Undeniably ugly, undeniably sexy, the Electric have stolen from the best to become the best.
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