Best Rock Radio Program


Sep 29, 2004 at 4:00 am
There are other shows on KDHX where you might hear The The, Johnny Cash, Pet Shop Boys and Neil Diamond all in the same hour, but few have the same seemingly effortless flow as Juxtaposition, where all of the songs, even the last-minute requests, seem to fit together as snugly as the last remaining pieces of a puzzle. Host Rob Levy's wry observations are often laugh-out-loud funny, and his passion for the music never fails to shine through. He has an uncanny knack for discovering the "next big thing" light years ahead of anyone else; if you listen to his show, you heard Franz Ferdinand, the Rapture and Interpol long before they received any attention virtually anyplace else. Rob is also a champion of local music and culture; he'll often showcase the likes of Bunnygrunt and Palookaville, and several area bands have played in the KDHX studio on his watch this year, including the Floating City, Potomac Accord and the Wormwood Scrubs. More recently the program has expanded its focus by highlighting events such as the St. Louis International Film Festival and Mad Art Gallery's "Venus Envy." When push comes to shove, though, on Wednesday evenings from 8 till 10, you'll experience a giddy celebration of music that will take you from St. Louis around the world, and back again.