Best World Music Band


Sep 29, 2004 at 4:00 am
Waiting for the day we hear local Bosnian hardcore punishing the Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center is much less painful when we have the fearless Nashid bending convention and illustrating the future of Middle Eastern music in haunting, passionate arabesques. Is it Persian classical music? Jazz? Or rock? At times it seems like it's all music. With each measure, the slow simmer of Paul MacFarlane, Sean Sutton and Josh Chew's desert grooves accumulates further nomenclature, leading the musical camel through the eye of their needle-sharp technique. Any band to regularly accomplish this after lugging 50 or so modern Western and classical world instruments to each gig must have Allah on their side. "The longest it has ever taken us to set up is two solid hours," MacFarlane says. "The absolute shortest time we've gotten it down to is 45 minutes."