Blackface and More: We Have Run Out of Excuses for Willful Ignorance

Nov 14, 2013 at 10:02 am

Editor: Tef Poe is an artist from St. Louis city. Through powerful imagery and complicated honesty, he has earned a reputation as one of the best rappers telling the story of St. Louis, which is about much more than one place. Poe has been featured in music publications such as XXL and Urb Magazine. His project The Hero Killer was released on January 21 and will be followed up by a full-length with DJ Burn One entitled Cheer For the Villain. Follow him on twitter @tefpoe. Get The Hero Killer here.

I hate the fact that we live in a society in which we must explain stupidity to people who simply don't get it. In today's world you can be blissfully ignorant and hide behind the safeguard of not knowing any better. It's perfectly acceptable to be a dumbass in the name of not knowing why your actions classify you as a emotionless idiot. And the rest of us are supposed to void out the fact that you're an adult who has had the leisure of experiencing life in the same exact society as the rest of us.

I saw three guys in the Central West End dressed as Jamaican bobsledders with black paint on their faces for Halloween. This was the most ignorant costume I saw all night. Believe it or not, you can actually dress up like a person of a different race and celebrate Halloween without painting your face black. Click this link for reference if you don't understand my statement.

The Afro-disco Halloween crap in Italy was simply a bunch of moronic folks walking around looking like black Sambos with muscular white guys wearing chains around their necks imitating African slaves.These people are stupid. I don't have time to waste on these scumbags. In 2013 do we really have to tell you this is a dumbass idea? The problem isn't just that this party was unbelievably racist, but it was also a stupid idea beyond what any form of human comprehension or common sense could fathom. I'm not about to sit here at the computer and explain why this is offensive. That's not my job, just like it's apparently not their job to give a crap about the rest of the world and our opinions.

If you, as a reader, lack understanding about the historical implications of such activity, be an adult and Google "The Minstrel Show." Read about it and learn something new. Most people don't give a damn about history if it doesn't directly affect them, so this type of junk will likely go on until our generation's current population of mindless assholes eventually dies off and disappear.

Preaching to the choir might make us feel good, but it ultimately doesn't bring about any change in the grand scheme of things. There's a difference between educating people about things we deem offensive and flat-out complaining to like-minded people who will do nothing about the problem.

I can have conversations with my friends about everything under the sun. But the reality is they are my friends, so we likely have a point of view that's similar already -- no minds are being changed here. So what does this accomplish? It might help create a narrative among like-minded folks, which might help us create a solution, but personally I'm over it.

From time to time I'll go on a rant and drop some bombs about certain social issues, but I know deep down inside that these rants are somewhat pointless. It feels good; it's self-gratifying, but it's not like this will help purge the problem or make the people committing the crime feel guilty about their actions. People have demonstrated on a continual basis that we live in a world where no one gives a crap about the plight of the next group of people. Rich people get richer. Poor people of all colors, shapes, sizes and creeds are the mud beneath the boots of the top dogs. This is how the world functions and will forever function until the sun stops burning.

Socially conscious rappers selling their music to college-educated people who are already aware of the issues but do nothing about it simply supply entertainment. It sounds good, and it feels good, but without commercial influence this music will change absolutely nothing. It's 2013 and the planet is going through a volatile menstrual cycle that will likely wipe us all out. We're so far gone there's basically no way to save ourselves. We can establish checkpoints and set new standards for the the sake of delaying the onslaught caused by the damage we've done to the environment, but at this point all we're truthfully doing is searching for a way to slow down the postal service as they deliver us to hell in a handbasket. In the midst of trying to figure this out we're plagued with a long list of egotistical narratives that will blindside us until it's too late.

In the 1600s they could afford to be ignorant because they weren't as educated as we are. They also didn't have automobiles, nuclear bombs, Styrofoam cups or microwaves. The world they lived in wasn't as innovative as ours. They thought women were second-class citizens, and racial supremacy among specified ethnic groups was the order of the day because these pitiful bastards didn't understand human biology. We, however, have the Internet in the palm of our hands. We literally can do anything. Yet for some reason our collective intellect is often on the same exact wavelength as the people who assumed the planet was flat. They also thought the sun was a living, breathing god. They believed religious relics fell from heaven and gifted us supernatural powers. We abolished all of these ridiculous notions by utilizing the marvels of modern-day science, but we still hold on to the most primitive beliefs from their era. We're addicted to hatred, war, greed and more hatred. In the meantime, our realest problems have evolved and gained muscle in the name of destroying us all.

The Internet does not live and die with Facebook and Twitter. There are a gazillion satellites above our heads, orbiting the planet. The universe is now literally a ready-made Hot Pocket with easy access. You want to look at the surface of Mars? No problem -- Google it. You can literally sit in your living room and view a picture of the Titanic in the exact place it sunk. I do it all the time, and I love it. I Google images of stars and worlds from distant galaxies. It's mind-blowing to say the least. There are no more boundaries or roadblocks. Last week I thought about the fact that I've collaborated with Grammy Award-winning artists who wouldn't know I existed if not for the Internet. I can read about anything my heart desires. I can watch any type of documentary that comes to mind. I can stay in touch with high school classmates for the rest of my life.

Racism is one of those things that clearly places limitations human development. We all know how I feel about this subject, so let's move on and get into the meat of our real problems. Lets talk about the fact that in a few years there is a huge possibility we'll all be deceased and this wonderful planet of ours will likely no longer be a suitable habitat for us. We live in a new generation, and we're supposed to have new problems. We're supposed to sit in the captain's chair on board the U.S.S. Enterprise and figure out the solutions to an entirely brand-new set of problems which our parents knew nothing about. The racism card was their problem, but unfortunately they did a horrible job of fixing the mess, so we're stuck with their tab. Meanwhile the universe has decided to break us off proper with more new problems that require energy from the most innovative minds of our generation. Too bad they're too busy barking at a bunch of idiots for throwing a tasteless Halloween party.

When will we learn?


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