Blind Pilot at Plush, 3/2/12: Review, Photos, Setlist

Mar 5, 2012 at 8:05 am

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Blind Pilot - Christian Schaeffer
Christian Schaeffer
Blind Pilot


"There's a lot of plaid happening here tonight." Two different women expressed this sentiment.

"I'm surrounded by assholes." In response to the acoustic encore and the battle between chatty bar-goers and fervent fans.

Critic's Notebook

Like many here in town, I first became aware of Blind Pilot during its opening set for the Decemberists in May of 2009. To date, I've never seen an opening act hold the attention of a packed venue. I saw many fans grab its debut 3 Rounds and a Sound in the intermission, another first. When I caught them a few months later at a sold-out Off Broadway show, that fanbase had grown into a hushed devotion for many in the crowd.

I'm on the fence about acceptable levels of chit-chat at a rock show. Awed reverence is paid where it is due, and not every band earns it. (Full disclosure: I got shushed during the opening band's first song, which struck me as a little much.)

About Plush: The venue did a fine job -- the sound was clear throughout the somewhat cavernous, concrete venue, which isn't easy given the multitude of instruments on stage. St. Louis has been lacking a room that can hold 500-700 for too long, and Plush fits that need and then some. Its management will need to figure out a clearer way to get patrons through the door, though.

Set List: 1. "Keep You Right" 2. "Two Towns from Me" 3. "Go On, Say It" 4. "I Buried a Bone" 5. "The Colored Night" 6. "I Know" 7. "Just One" 8. "The Story I Heard" 9. "White Apple" 10. "Half Moon" 11. "Oviedo" 12. "Always" 13. "Get it Out" 14. "New York" 15. "One Red Thread" 16. "We are the Tide"

Encore 17. "3 Rounds and a Sound"