"Blooms" by Chris Mills and the Distant Stars: Listen to the New Track

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"Blooms" by Chris Mills and the Distant Stars: Listen to the New Track
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In this week's print edition, Senior Writer Roy Kasten tackles the musical career of Collinsville, Illinois native Chris Mills and his latest album Alexandria. Mills, now based in Brooklyn, New York, will be appearing at Off Broadway on Thursday, January 23.

In this outtake from the interview, Mills details the evolution of "Blooms," one of his catchiest new songs, and shares a stream of the track after the jump as well.

"'Blooms' was the last song I wrote for the album. There's a demo CD that's gone out with the Kickstarter rewards. Originally it was a dirgy, piano track; now it's the most poppy song on the album. It's about really being present, just being where you are. When you're an artist and trying to figure out what your next project is, what your next song or record is going to be, that can be hard on the people around you. They want your attention now, to listen to them in that moment.

So I've sort of been making a project about just being present. The escape is to be here, now, and that's where that song came from, finding your way out of the past by being present in the moment. If you're always thinking about what's next, you're not thinking about where you've been or where you are. So it's a challenge to be OK with the place where you are, to be calm in this moment."


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