5 p.m. Sunday, September 2. Cicero's, 6691 Delmar Boulevard, University City.

Aug 30, 2012 at 4:00 am

The band describes its own sound as comparable to Coldplay, Third Eye Blind and John Mayer. All three of these are true, but only the best parts of each. Coldplay's big presence is there, with Third Eye Blind's sing-along qualities and John Mayer's interesting sense of beat, but Bluefish takes that mixture and adds something absolutely essential: harmonies. Though the band members are young college students, their sense of harmony just finished grad school. This element combined with a lovable attitude onstage makes the band both impossible to ignore and easy to follow, even in a loud, crowded room.

Let's Break It Down: This is sensitive-boy Grey's Anatomy-type music, but it's good. Very good.