Bob Schneider

Sunday, June 20; the Duck Room

Bob Schneider has been touted "the next big thing" to come out of Austin since at least the late '90s. Years later, Schneider has found national acclaim to be as elusive as cultivating a consistent sound. A talented musician and a clever lyricist, the biggest impediment to Schneider's would-be fame may lie in his disparate musical interests, which can range from pop to country to funk and punk.

Of course, that's part of the fun of seeing Schneider live: You never know what to expect.

When not playing solo, Schneider is the frontman for the Austin-based Scabs -- a funk/punk group popular among frat boys and hippies alike -- but he can slip just as easily into alt-country-crooner guise when he occasionally sits in with the Resentments, an all-star ensemble of musicians who gather Sunday evenings in a south Austin honky-tonk.

It's such eclectic influences that allow Schneider to switch from raucous pop ditties with X-rated scat lyrics to beautiful acoustic tunes of loneliness and despair. It's also the reason why, until Schneider decides to focus on a specific musical style, he'll remain the best one-man act you've never heard of.

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