Bruiser Queen Signs to Boxing Clever Records, Full Length Sweet Static Due October 7

Aug 13, 2014 at 6:16 am
Bruiser Queen performing outside Apop Records. - Jon Gitchoff
Jon Gitchoff
Bruiser Queen performing outside Apop Records.

After a six-month recording and mixing process that involved several Megabus trips to 5 and Dime Recording in Memphis, St. Louis' Bruiser Queen is ready to release its sophomore album, Sweet Static. Young local label Boxing Clever Records will make the album its first full-length release when the record hits stores October 7. Boxing Clever is evidently a big believer in the duo; the label has signed the group to a two-album, one-EP deal, with Sweet Static counting as one of the long-players.

Bruiser Queen is celebrating the album's release with two shows. The first is the proper CD release concert at Off Broadway on October 3 with support from Josh Berwanger Band, which features former members of cult emo act the Anniversary. The second is a Vintage Vinyl in-store performance on October 7. Both events will be free and will have the album available for purchase.

Sweet Static itself is a natural extension of Bruiser Queen's strengths that finds the group expanding its repertoire with '60s girl-group influences and a few ballads. Those used to seeing the duo plow through songs in its bare-bones guitars/drums/vocals set up might be surprised by a few slower tunes and the use of organ and bass all over the album. That said, the record still features plenty of the revved-up bubblegum punk that won Bruiser Queen this year's "Best Garage Rock" RFT Music Award.

In the meantime, you can preview first single "Tiny Heart Attack" below and catch more new material at Bruiser Queen's set tomorrow night at the Heavy Anchor.


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