Bunnygrunt Is One of 2018's STL 77 Honorees

May 24, 2018 at 12:27 pm
Bunnygrunt Is One of 2018's STL 77 Honorees
Once again in 2018, ​the RFT recognizes ​St. Louis' ​unparalleled musical talent by presenting the STL 77, ​our list of 77 acts who did big things in the last twelve months. From now through June 16, the kick-off date of our huge two-day music festival ShowcaseSTL, we'll be announcing two ​honorees per weekday on our music blog. For last year's STL 77 picks, go here; for the complete lineup for ShowcaseSTL, go here.

The cover of My First Bells, a compilation of Bunnygrunt’s first few seven-inch recordings that was released this year, features a young Matt Harnish and Karen Ried onstage during their first out-of-town gig. A lot has changed since then; the band’s then-signature twee-pop leanings hardened into something a little scuzzier, and Ried’s move from drums to bass led to a somewhat fluid line-up. But as the band celebrated its 25th year in 2018 (with an ad-hoc festival that stretched over several nights), the anniversary shows were a good reminder of what has remained central in Bunnygrunt’s longer-than-expected tenure: a musical partnership between two like-minded pop weirdos that continues to yield sweet, tangy fruit.

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