Cancellations: Eli "Paperboy" Reed and Casey Reid

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It's a bad week for those with the homophonic surname of Reed. Just received word from Off Broadway that Eli "Paperboy" Reed is "sick and has lost his voice," and so he won't be performing tonight. Opening act the Feed, however, is still on. And the Rev writes in to say that Casey Reid is bowing out of his opening slot for Strawfoot on Friday at Deluxe. Via a MySpace blog passed along to me:

i got my foot in the door. the resurection of my time had me look through the otherside, but alas, a force greater than myself has snatched me back in. I thought i was ready, but the voices had me fooled. I'm to blame...and i hope those of whom i shall disappoint in my hiding may forgive me. Trust me...i was excited for my return, but whispers stirred the ever-raging battle of my efforts. I know we all get fooled by cunning voices so no shame strikes my conscious. Its rather comforting because i know i will return. So forgive me...i fight with raised fists to raze that which opposses my one true ambition. i find my stage precious and adore my listeners, but the ugly hand of addiction holds fast to my endevor. My apologies go out to my good friends: strawfoot (to whom i greatly regret...please don't take this personally) Conversations with Enemies, Scottbot and Sethy, and Alley ghost. I need more time to get my head together and if i don't kick this addiction i will die...for i came close twice this past month and i am listening to my doctors and loved ones. Most of all, i am listening to the voices i trust...the ones that speak inside my head, holding fast to my heart. Much love to you all. casey

Best wishes for a speedy recovery to both men.

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