Cardiac Arrest to Host Record Release Pub Crawl July 19

Jun 17, 2014 at 10:14 am
Cardiac Arrest to Host Record Release Pub Crawl July 19
Bryan Sutter

St. Louis' long-running hardcore favorite Cardiac Arrest will be releasing its first new material in seven years (and first ever full-length) on Saturday, July 19. Those familiar with frontman Rob Ruzicka -- a longtime booker of punk and hardcore in St. Louis -- know to expect the unexpected, and Ruzicka has delivered.

Forget a record release show. How about a record release pub crawl?

Here are the details according to Ruzicka, in all of their convoluted glory:

Four bands, four venues, one bus: NO PUNK TIME!! None of these bands have ever played STL before. We will be at each venue for roughly one hour.

Big Zit (Indiana) kick it off at the Livery at 8 p.m.

Bootskrieg (members of Cardiac Arrest and No Class) + Surprise guest first show at Fubar Lounge at 9:15 p.m.

The Repos (Chicago) at Atomic Cowboy at 10:30pm

Cardiac Arrest at Lemmons at 11:45 to ???

After party at Lemmons with DJ Lil Danzig

Tickets for all four shows available at Apop records for $15

Tickets for the bus: $20

Otherwise, each show is $5 at the door.

The LP is called In the Mouth of Madness. In the U.S., it will be a split release between Lumpy Records and Static Circuit Records; in Europe, Even Worse Records and Way Back When Records will put it out. We spoke with Ruzicka about the new project, as well as the ambitious punk rock pub crawl plans.

Cover art for the upcoming LP by Jeremy Baker.
Cover art for the upcoming LP by Jeremy Baker.

Daniel Hill: What inspired the idea of a punk rock pub crawl for your release?

Rob Ruzicka: The pub crawl idea was just one of the many dumb ideas I have that only I find funny. I figured since this band is a colossally complicated headache most of the time that it would only be fitting to have a colossally complicated headache of a show.

Tell me about the bands that will be performing.

Besides the obvious, none of the bands performing have ever played St. Louis before, and possibly never will again!

The Repos are manic hardcore from Chicago, drawing influence anywhere from Infest to Septic Death. I've been talking to them about coming to St. Louis for the better part of a decade now, and for some reason we could just never coordinate anything. Please note, one of the members loves Imo's pizza.

Big Zit hails from Northwest Indiana. I heard their demo earlier this year and it made my ears do a double take. They get a lot of Bad Brains comparisons due to their singer doing a damn good HR impression, but also they have some catchy tunes, too.

Bootskrieg is a band comprised of members of Cardiac Arrest and No Class from Kansas City. Neal and I have been joking about doing a band together for awhile, and decided it would be awesome for it to be an Oi! band. Expect a big surprise at this stop in the night.

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