Chance the Rapper at the Pageant 12/8/13: Review, Photos and Setlist

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Chance the Rapper - Jason Stoff. Click here for our full slideshow.
Chance the Rapper

Chance the Rapper The Pageant December 8, 2013

Before anything else, before even entering the venue, there was Chance the Rapper's large, matte black tour bus with the title of his album, Acid Rap, written across the side and front in rainbow, tie-dye lettering. How could his tour bus not attract cops like a moth to a flame? The bus was pretty cool, but to have the word "acid" written on your vehicle in psychedelic colors must be a red flag for every law/authority figure in the country, amirite?

The crowd inside the venue seemed pretty young, but it was a fairly decent the turnout for a snowy Sunday in St. Louis. There were no tables or chairs inside the Pageant, presumably because kids under 21 can't control their excitement and are liable to throw and break stuff. Such a young crowd made sense because Chance himself is young -- only twenty years old.

The openers' set, DJs Spinn and Rashad, was geared toward that young crowd, mostly playing current/mainstream rap and R&B such as Rihanna, French Montana, Drake, A$AP Ferg and Lil Wayne. It was hard to tell the DJs apart, and neither one was doing much scratching at all. The one wearing glasses occasionally pressed "play" on the computer.

The only hint of old school hip-hop was the duo's sampling of "C.R.E.A.M." I was forced to Shazam most of the other songs they played, though I did know all the new Drake songs and all the words to Big Sean's "A$$." [Insert sheepish grin here]

Spinn and Rashad also played Kanye's "Bound 2", which would only have been great if it had been accompanied with the Seth Rogen and James Franco spoof.

After standing with the under 21 crowd for a bit, I moved to the 21-and-up section, mostly to get away from the hoards of barely pubescent boys and this girl who was wearing gold sequined shorts with bottle-red hair, whose dancing was a train wreck. I chose to stay away from the pit. It was packed like a can of sardines. I remember a time when I was much younger and wanted to be in the midst of all of that. I also remember a time when everyone wore T-shirts and jeans to shows, a trend that seems to have died, as concerts have become neo-fashion runways. It was 25 degrees outside, and girls were still showing up in tiny-ass skirts and tops. That's an all-ages show for you; these kids have to get their kicks somewhere. Speaking of kicks, I was pleased to see two young'ns with some fresh white AF1s on their feet. Sigh of relief.

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