Chloe Day

Tuesday, December 27; Frederick's Music Lounge (4454 Chippewa)

Chloe Day

Tickets are $4. Call 314-351-5711 for more information.

Chloe Day is my favorite local act gone national (shh, don't tell Murphy Lee). With a little-girl croon that sounds half-seductive, half-lethal, Day leaves her audience curious as to whether she plans to kiss them or kill them. And yet, her performances are so hypnotizing, listeners would probably consent, spiral-eyed, to either. Although Day sounds far more European than Midwestern (apt comparisons include the Cardigans' Nina Persson or Portishead's Beth Gibbons), she inevitably squashes such resemblances under her erratic guitar, lithe brass and guttural static. But don't pigeonhole this songbird as trip-folk just yet — she's also roosting in poppy indie-rock and alt-country territory. Welcome Chloe home for the holi-Day!

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