Chris Brown: When Will We Stop Putting Up with this Guy?

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But we kept listening to him. And we kept paying attention to him. And we mourned openly when he died as a virtual sideshow attraction. But no one ever felt the need to call Michael Jackson a monster. The conclusion that my co-worker and I arrived on wasn't that Michael Jackson was a better artist and therefore was deserving of more sympathy, it was that something was obviously wrong with him before the allegations of molestation.

I met a man who worked with Michael Jackson. He said something very disturbing. While I can't remember his exact words, it went something like this: "Everybody knows that Michael Jackson molested children. But Michael Jackson made so many people so much money that no one dared to say anything."

There is something obviously wrong with Chris Brown. Whether he's the product of being a wealthy celebrity or a genuine psychopath, there needs to be a point in our society where we take a step back from someone's success and good looks and say, "OK, no more money for you -- it's time for you to take care of yourself." Unfortunately, Chris Brown isn't the only person who receives money whenever he appears on a new single, so we're likely to continue to watch Brown unravel until he's useless to the machines he's running.

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