Comic Neil Hamburger Playing at the Firebird in May

A St. Louis fave, comic Neil Hamburger will be returning to the Firebird for his almost-yearly show on May 7. Tickets are $8 and $10. In 2007, Jason Toon chatted with Hamburger (outtakes here), who was his ever-charming self.

Hamburger:What are you writing this for? Is this for the local advertising circular?

Toon: You might say that. A free alternative weekly. I'm sure you've seen this kind of thing around in different cities. Is this going to be one of those investigative hatchet jobs?

No, no, I'm a fan myself. Good, because the problem has been, with some of these writers, that I said a few things about this terrible group called Yo La Tengo, because of some terrible things they did to me. Then I started getting bad reviews everywhere. All these writers who are under the control of Yo La Tengo started writing bad reviews of me, and telling people, "Don't go see Neil Hamburger." It's getting to be quite a feud. It's getting be like Biggie and Tupac. This thing is going to end in gunfire.

Oh, yeah, Yo La Tengo's career path is littered with bodies. Don't kid yourself. That's true. It reminds me of another situation when I said something bad about Mountain Dew, because it tastes so terrible, you know? Well, Mountain Dew called up their distributors, and they had their delivery guys go pay a visit to some of these writers, conk them over the head with a wrench or what-have-you. Next thing you know, they're writing whatever Mountain Dew wants them to write.

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