7:30 p.m. Sunday, September 10. Creepy Crawl (3524 Washington Boulevard).

Sep 6, 2006 at 4:00 am
Providence, Rhode Island's Daughters are going to destroy you. They will sonically tear you apart and not feel bad about it — not even for one second. And the thing is, your brain will be so caught up in attempting to understand the madness coming into your ears that you're not even going to notice. The band has cleaned up its act on the new Hell Songs, keeping the same crazed, grindcore-on-acid, looping guitars, while turning down the noise and finishing it off with a nice layer of vocals that you can actually understand. What remains is a sound too varied to call metal and too complicated to write off as noise. But for a band making so much racket, Songs signals a move up in the world and a degree of validation, since it's coming out on intelligent-metal powerhouse label Hydra Head. If you do manage to survive the show, have a pen in hand when you get home: Your dictionary will need new definitions of chaos and brutality.