Dave Grohl, Fred Armisen "Get the Hardcore Band Back Together" on SNL

Fred Armisen channels '80s hardcore frontmen on SNL.
Fred Armisen channels '80s hardcore frontmen on SNL.

I know everyone's probably video'd out after the Super Bowl, but this SNL clip from this weekend is totally great. What happens when the very-'80s hardcore band "Crisis of Conformity" gets back together at the wedding of its vocalist? Why, just ask Fred Armisen -- the vocalist in question -- and Dave Grohl, who's sporting a hilarious gray ponytail wig. The quartet nails the old-dudes-rocking-out vibe perfectly, especially because the fake song they play is a dead-on satire of the more strident bits of the genre. Also, fun fact posted in the Stereogum comments: Did you notice the wedding is "Cadena-Norton"? I.e., Dez Cadena and Greg Norton of Black Flag and Husker Du, respectively?

Grohl, incidentally, was on the show with Them Crooked Vultures, his supergroup with Josh Homme and John Paul Jones. Video of "Mind Eraser" after the jump.

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