Deadsy with Taproot, Dredge and the 5th Element

Thursday, September 5; Galaxy

Why Deadsy? Why now? The answers to these and other esoteric questions are buried in the digitized philosophical treatise Commencement, P. Exeter Blue I's first transmission to an unsuspecting and intellectually starved nation. Blazing a new path along the boundaries of Bowie's Heroes, Numan's "Cars" and Manson's Antichrist Superstar, Deadsy is an amalgam of synthetic pop, metallic aggression, artistic pretense and the cryptic ritualism of an East Coast boarding-school secret society. Stealing snatches of lyrics from Bauhaus, covering both Rush and Sebadoh, thanking both the Ordo Templi Orientis and J. Crew, P. Exeter Blue I's philosophy seems, on the surface, to be nothing more than a TV-fed cargo cult. But when these disparate elements are placed in context of Deadsy's strangely accessible music and the barely restrained violence of P. Exeter's lyrics, the truth emerges. P. Exeter Blue I is part of the great invisible war against society. Deadsy's music, catchy and somewhat heavy, is simply a delivery vector for the bloodshed P. Exeter wishes to unleash as a means of carving open a path for the new regime.

Or else it's all just theatrical pop music with a clever backstory and intriguing songwriting. Either way, Deadsy is about 23 times more entertaining than any other debut group this year. This alone warrants your checking them out. And who knows -- maybe you'll leave the show with a new religion.

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