Death Cab For Cutie Will Be Probably Won't Be At Vintage Vinyl At 6 p.m. TODAY! [Update]

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Death Cab For Cutie Will Be Probably Won't Be At Vintage Vinyl At 6 p.m. TODAY! [Update]

Final Update: Atlantic's web team accidentally posted the announcement to Death Cab's page instead of Marc Broussard's. Read more here.

Update #2 (IMPORTANT): The initial post (and its sixty-plus ecstatic comments) has disappeared from Death Cab's Facebook Page and Twitter feed, which were the only references to the stop in the first place. Briefly, there was another post on the band's Page saying they definitely weren't coming and apologizing for the confusion. That has since been taken down, but you can see a screen capture of it below. We're trying to confirm all of this with the band and will let you know if we find anything.

Death Cab For Cutie will be at Vintage Vinyl at 6 p.m. today, per the band's official Facebook Page.

Update: This appears to be a casual sort of stop -- Vintage Vinyl didn't arrange anything with the band. Death Cab has a couple of shows in Pennsylvania at the end of the week, so it potentially makes sense for the dudes to be passing through.

Don't head to the Loop right now to wait unless you love a 107 degree heat index: There is no power on Vintage Vinyl's block at the moment and the store is temporarily closed. Hopefully things will be humming again by the time the band shows up.

The band just announced an October date at the Pageant in support of this year's Codes and Keys.

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