Design Organization Lauds Popular Mechanics' Album Art

May 27, 2014 at 4:06 am

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Popular Mechanics - Wendy Smith-Addis
Wendy Smith-Addis
Popular Mechanics

Because special features like cutouts or commissioned paintings can be time-consuming and expensive, album art with Anti-Glacial's level of detail isn't often seen from local bands. However, Popular Mechanics found ways to carry out the members' creative vision on a DIY budget. Todd and other band members cut out the eye-catching triangles, Brandmeyer contributed the painting and Walker screenprinted the album covers himself. The run of 100 vinyl albums proved to be surprisingly affordable.

"This cost less than most records cost, at least when you're talking the small amount of records we made," Todd says.

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But while Todd, Brandmeyer and Walker are excited that the Anti-Glacial art has been recognized by the AIGA and important design sites like Creative Review, Todd asserts that Popular Mechanics wasn't going for kudos. For the band, the music is what matters most.

"It wasn't like 'Wait 'til the people see this!" Todd says. "Because at the end of the day if the record sucks musically, nobody's gonna give a shit."

Speaking of the music, Popular Mechanics has been hitting the stage hard to support Anti-Glacial. The group even released its first proper music video last November, with Walker directing the shoot. The video for "Seven to Three" features the band as office workers during the holiday season and includes cameos from the St. Louis music community:

The shoot lasted about eight hours, not including prep time, and it was filmed in a building with no functioning toilets.

"I don't think any of us have made a proper music video, and it was a challenge I was interested in, so we just went for it," Walker says.

"Anytime we can put a bunch of friends in a room and make something, I'm on cloud nine," Brandmeyer adds.

Follow Popular Mechanics on Facebook or BandCamp. Learn more about James Walker's work at Andy Brandmeyer's paintings now are represented at Duane Reed Gallery.


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