Dispatch from Austin

Mar 16, 2007 at 11:23 am

So I'm alive here in Austin, and I'm now on day three of South by Southwest. I'm feeling a wee bit tired today and don't have much to say. But rest assured that between looking at bad fashion, drinking free beer and hearing music from all sides — seriously, bands were playing in the airport and on the street — I'm certainly having fun. However, I am not really in my hotel room on my computer; hence the lack o' blog love.

I am representing for St. Louis, though: Last night I saw the Undertow Records showcase, tonight is Prisonshake, and tomorrow is 7 Shot Screamers and Finn's Motel. I'll have a full report Monday morning, I think, complete with some crappy pictures I took with my digital camera. Ooh, multimedia.

Until then, happy weekend.

-Annie Zaleski