Do You Want A Free Copy of Via Dove's New Album, El Mundo Latino?

Oct 19, 2010 at 10:00 am

Last week, Via Dove released its debut full-length, El Mundo Latino. In my forthcoming review, I described the album as...

..."in line with the hurricane-rock atmosphere of its live shows. Jagged guitar riffs, gigantic drums, deep-grooved rhythms and vocalist Andy Shadburne's twang-burnished growls dominate these eleven songs. Familiar touchstones abound: the Stones' swagger ("Fast Times"), the Black Keys' lo-fi blues ("Need Someone"), Everclear's grungepop ("I Don't Mind"), Kings of Leon's dirty Southern boogie ("(I Can't) Recognize the Signs") and Pearl Jam's arena-caliber, classic rock nuance ("Treasure")."

The band's CD release show is Friday, October 22, at Off Broadway. Old Lights, the Dive Poets and Union Tree Review are also playing. Thanks to Via Dove, we're giving away FREE digital copies of Latino. Go to this link and use the password "AZEXCLUSIVE." Voila! Free tunes.