Saturday, November 13; Creepy Crawl

Joey Shithead. Just let the name roll off your tongue. See how the soft syllables of the first name, the stretched out "Jooo-EEE," collide with the hard wall of "Shit-head." It's a little bit of poetry, that name. And the fact that it is the chosen moniker of D.O.A. 's lead singer tells you just about everything you need to know about that Canadian punk band. If you need a few more hints as to what D.O.A. sounds like, consider the following:

The band's most famous song is probably "Marijuana Motherfuckers." D.O.A. is best known for its collaboration with ex-Dead Kennedys singer Jello Biafra, Last Scream of the Missing Neighbors. That album's centerpiece is a fourteen-minute song called "Full Metal Jackoff."

Got the idea? Then let's spell it out as clearly as possible: D.O.A. is dumb, fun, politically charged punk-metal that will rock your frickin' socks off and leave you bleeding from all nine orifices. If you're still not interested, you'd better steer clear of D.O.A. and Joey Shithead.

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