Dolphins Stadium Might Be Named After Jimmy Buffett's Beer + Ideas for St. Louis

The Daily RFT reports:

Anheuser-Busch is said to be working on a contract to purchase the naming rights to Dolphins Stadium in Miami.

If concluded, the stadium would be the second professional sports stadium -- after Busch Stadium -- to name itself after an A-B product.

The St. Louis brewer (via Belgium) is planning to name the stadium for its Landshark Lager, a brand licensed under singer Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville empire.
The post goes on to note that it's to "boost the brand's name recognition in a year Miami plays host to the Super Bowl."

It also got me thinking about other stadium/musician combos St. Louis could explore, especially because we're hosting the MLB All-Star Game in July...
  • Wilco (The Stadium). The band's upcoming, June 30-released album has the title Wilco (The Album) and has a song called -- wait for it -- "Wilco (The Song)." Avowed Cardinals fan/Belleville native Jeff Tweedy would probably get a kick out of it, too.
  • Nellyville. It's Nelly's world, full of Air Force Ones, unbearable temperatures and collaborations with Fergie. We just live in it.
  • Anheuser-Busch's Duck Room. Sure, Blueberry Hill's underground, mallard-themed venue -- named after Chuck Berry's duck walk -- is a well-respected concert destination. But what better way to raise the profile of the place than naming the baseball stadium (which also features a bunch of birds) after it?
  • Johnny B. Goode Park. Speaking of Chuck Berry, his contribution to rock & roll -- arguably, um, the tune that invented rock & roll -- could comfortably name the stadium for a year.
  • Tina Turner Field. One of the city's most famous exports deserves her own field, especially because she's still a vibrant, viable touring act. However, any stadium worth its salt has a snappy nickname known to locals; i.e., Cleveland's arena is called "The Q" (instead of Quicken Loans Arena) and its baseball field used to be colloquially known as "The Jake" (instead of Jacobs Field). Methinks Tina Turner is the best candidate for the Lou's stadium, moniker-wise. You could say that you're, "Headin' to the T!" for a game, or simply talk about "Tina!" One name only, please.
Any other ideas?
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