Doom Town to Release Two Slabs of New Vinyl

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Doom Town performing live across the pond.

I heard you guys have done some tryouts to replace Bryan. Who's the new guitarist, and when is the big debut?

Smith: There isn't one yet.

Hohman: We're still searching for Mr. Right. But assuming all goes to plan, we'll have ourselves a new ripper for our show on September 1 with Slut River at Blank Space.

Besides the safe assumption of the Wipers, what bands do you definitively consider influences?

Smith: Brain F≠, Ennio Morricone, Suicide, Dead Moon, Neil Young and Rudimentary Peni.

Any rumors you want to spread about your drummer Shaun Morrissey?

Hohman: It's impossible to start rumors about Shaun. Anything you might ever say about him, no one would be shocked or surprised by. That's our Shaun.

Any specific shows to plug or other plans to announce?

Hohman: Come to Blank Space on September 1. Slut River are amazing, and no one can get enough of Black Panties.

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