Drew Gowran Quits Navigator

"Stay gold, Ponyboy" - Photo Courtesy of Navigator
Photo Courtesy of Navigator
"Stay gold, Ponyboy"
After one full-length album, several online releases, and a constantly filled show schedule over the past year, Drew Gowran of bright lit folk rockers, Navigator, called it quits. The St. Louis-based band announced this past Tuesday via Facebook that Gowran was ending his tenure as drummer in the rock outfit:

"Hello, this is hard for me to say. As of today, I (Drew) am leaving behind a important thing to me that can not be what it wants to be or continue to be any longer. I am leaving Navigator. I leave it at that and thank you for your ears. Be on the look out for continuing projects. thanks. -Drew"

Navigator released its "Bad Case of the Visions" CD in September of 2011, drawing audiences with a heartfelt blend of alternative Americana and guitarist/singer Curtis Tinsley's simple, yet solid songwriting. Most bands operating in the D.I.Y. community are lucky enough to accomplish half of what Navigator has done in its relatively short lifespan, lasting just over one year. Gowran, who is also the percussive force in grunge rockers Little Big Bangs, was able to speak about his time in the band, his current projects and the future of Navigator.

Josh Levi: How did the band come together?

Drew Gowran: Originally it started as Curtis Tinsley with just an acoustic guitar later using an electric and adding me doing brush work and light playing. It started as a two-piece last winter and grew to be more full of pop and louder material. Curtis asked me to join and I was very interested since we knew each other for years and have never done anything before other than heavier projects growing up playing Lemp Arts Center a lot.

What does the future hold for you and Curtis, separately?

This is my end in Navigator, but the band will continue with Curtis Tinsley and whoever he may use to accompany him. I plan to stay busy with Little Big Bangs this summer in full effect. I suppose that is all I can add to that.

What advice do you have in regards to the general inner workings and relationships of a band?

Communication is key to hold a band together. Always let each other know how you are feeling about what you're doing. Share records with each other and compliment each other after shows. It's like having a relationship. Never avoid each other.

More music can be found at http://navigatorstl.bandcamp.com

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