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Oakenfold sez, "Save the drama for yo mama."
Despite all the drama going on with my column this week about the finalists for our DJ Spinoff on March 1 at Atomic Cowboy (sheesh, we enable comments, and all hell breaks loose), I must say that Kansas City is again trumping the Lou: The Pitch's DJ Spin-off spawned a diss track, "Bring It Bitches," by one DJ Soap. If anyone is feeling so inclined to make a diss track here in the Lou, I'll post links and/or MySpace pages. Seriously. Email MP3s to the usual address, or send me yousendit links. If it's good enough for Fall Out Boy, it's good enough for us.

In other electro news, I was heartened to see Unreal's recent blog post about our city's own Giorgio, the producer/melodic genius behind Samwell's "What What (In the Butt)." You see, I happened to catch a rare local performance by Giorgio last year at the Ground Floor, and it was so over the top and ridiculous, I actually took notes for future reference. (Even more astoundingly, I found the notebook right away just now, despite the piles o' crap in my office.)

Giorgio — who looks quite a lot like a member of Franz Ferdinand, he's so angular and styling — this night sported a tight vest and pants and an 1980s-style dress shirt, which was appropriate for the electro-heavy spoken-word/theatrical/performance art gig. My notes included things like "Michael Jackson screams, moonwalking," "blazing electro" and the song lyrics: "Sex sex sex ...make love / sex, sex, sex...get laid" (subtle!) and "This Michael's not funky enough for me! / This Quincy's not funky enough for me!" He used a wireless mic that crapped out during the set, I remember, which broke up the flow a bit. But otherwise, he made quite the impression on me.

For good measure, here's Giorgio's MySpace page. He was totally on tour with Samwell long before YouTube launched them both to stardom.

All right, I'm out for this post. Excuse me, I'm going to listen to Girl Talk now, cause I got traffic jam booty and I'm down with the splice.

-Annie Zaleski

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