Elvis Costello

8 p.m. Friday, July 1. The Pageant, 6161 DelmarBoulevard.

Elvis Costello

$45. 314-726-6161.

Nothing is sacred to Elvis Costello: not Euro-pop, Nashville country, scabby punk, string quartets, Memphis soul, piano jazz and now, the holiest of holies, the integrity of the setlist. Spin the wheel and let the deluge of hits, near misses and total misfires commence, as E.C. and the Imposters test concert coherence with the Spinning Songbook (a.k.a. the Revolver Tour), in which the bard will be obeying the dictates of a giant wheel studded with song selections and themes. Diana Krall will not be playing the role of Vanna White. As corny game-show stunts go, this spectacle will be bizarre and unpredictable — save that Costello will be the witty showman and grand singer fans have come to expect. And he always plays to win.

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