Emergency Umbrella Cleaning Out Its Overcrowded Warehouse

Sep 9, 2009 at 1:30 pm
Columbia, Missouri's Emergency Umbrella Records -- label home to STL's own Gentleman Auction House, among others -- is facing a massive storage crunch. In other words, they're running out of room to store its back catalog. The fallout? The label's backlog of CDs and LPs might be destroyed. A Facebook missive it sent out yesterday said:

Emergency Umbrella Records needs your help! Our warehouses are overcrowded with CD's and LP's and we need to clear them out before they get destroyed or we face high storage costs.
We basically have an overstock of product from bands breaking up or things just not selling. Destroying these records is just not an option for us (these are great records that our bands worked really hard on, they're just overstocked). Storing the records won't work either (we are running out of room and the costs are way too expensive). So to keep them from being destroyed, we are looking to clear some space and sell things for cheap.
How can you help? Read on... See that widget? It's tied to a website called kickstarter.com, where people looking to help can become a "patron" of the label by pledging money. In return, donors will receive an assortment of albums from EU's roster of bands -- from post-rock weirdos Bald Eagle, heartfelt indie-popsters Foundry Field Recordings and, of course, GAH. A sample donation might look like this:

$15 Pledge gets you these 10 cd's + 1LP:
Kingdom Flying Club - Sumatra Fox EP
Kingdom Flying Club - Non Fiction CD
Witch's Hat- Mastery of The Steel CD
Bald Eagle- Hot Shoulders CD
Bald Eagle- Scrambled Eggs CD
Bald Eagle - Bacon and Eggs CD
Foundry Field Recordings - Fallout Stations EP
Foundry Field Recordings - Prompts/Miscues CD
Gentleman Auction House- Christmas in Love EP
Gentleman Auction House- Alphabet Graveyard CD
Bald Eagle- Hot Shoulders LP (gatefold, pink vinyl, w/ download card)

Talk about a good deal. In all seriousness, the people who run EU are good folks who work hard and honestly care about music -- and that sort of sincerity deserves support. Head to this link and become a patron.